When did gabrielle union and dwayne wade start dating budhist temple dating

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When did gabrielle union and dwayne wade start dating

star Gabrielle Union is revealing for the first time her relationship with her boyfriend Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn..why Gabby herself chose to keep quiet about those homewrecker rumors (but still fought the court battles against Sioh privately).We've got the first glimpse into Gabby's upcoming magazine cover story about Sioh's lawsuits and Gabby's current relationship with her...

Unfortunately, money is the ruling power in this world and he has it and she doesn't.

And that she could related to Siovaughn's crazy antics since Gabby was "that" girl who attacked her own ex-husband's new girlfriend as well.

On why she didn't publicly defend her reputation against rumors she cheated with Dwyane while he was married "The kids. But at the end of the day, Dwyane's kids are going to be the ones who really suffer. They're old enough to understand the mean things that strangers can say." On feeling bullied by her fans who believed she was "the other woman" "I think people mistook me taking the high road as an admission of guilt. What I discovered on social media is that people don't read the entire story." On handling Siohvaughn's lawsuits alleging Gabby as a homewrecker and detrimental to her kids "I fought it. So, we were submitting plenty of proof for the times she said I was in Miami.

I'm surprised her doctor hasn't leaked anything yet!

gabby is a grown ass women and can drink if she wants, either way what does her drinking have to do with being a homewecker,,,the homewecker was that crazy ass selfish ex wife if gabby was easy it paid off becasue she' got what she was looking for...gabby the hell with the hatters....

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It saddens me to read and hear what was done to ex wife siovaughn, remember what goes around comes around, A worg of advice go to school educate your self, start thinking positive keep yourself healthy.

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