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Starr wants to know more about those gifts that the president admittedly gave Lewinsky.Did Clinton somehow suggest that Lewinsky return the gifts, rather than turn them over to lawyers who had subpoenaed them in the Paula Jones sexual-harassment case?Now, Hillary stormed at her husband, he had handed their nemesis, Ken Starr, a weapon that could ruin his presidency.It seems hard to imagine that Hillary was truly surprised by her husband's indiscretion, or that he had failed to tell her when the scandal first erupted last January. Congress and, ultimately, the American people may learn the details of the sexual relationship between the president and the former intern -- more, perhaps, than anyone really wants to know.

"Claws," which was just renewed for a second season, follows the rise of five manicurists at a Florida nail salon who all have pasts.If other witnesses -- notably, the president's secretary, Betty Currie -- fail to support Clinton's side of the story, the president could find himself facing impeachment.For a time this summer, it appeared that Clinton, through stonewalling and clever lawyering, might slip out of Starr's clumsy grasp.She had, after all, firmly denied the reports of her husband's extramarital affair on the "Today" show and blamed a "vast right-wing conspiracy." But sources close to the Clintons insist that Hillary really had not known about Clinton's sexual relationship with Lewinsky, at least the full extent of it. "When people read his report, they'll want to throw up," said a knowledgeable source.Keep up with this story and more Starr's interest in Clinton's sex life may strike voters and congressmen as excessive.

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