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Wider CST high performance road tires offer a top-of-the-line ride.

The Siddhartha Cruiser is available in five different colors.

Also, what is with sending out bikes with useless tubes in them that pop and split after 10 minutes of riding?

Maybe they could be honest, and just state up front that there will need to be new tubes, adjustments, pedals, oiling and greasing, along with re-assembly of some parts when the bike arrives– maybe even be honest about their plastic hand grips and seat? If our governments are lying about everything, I suppose the corporations think it's OK to do the same thing? I could have got a stamped out in China Huffy cruiser and gotten darn near the same quality.

Minus pumping the tires, which I had to buy a pump for and wait an extra day.Retrospec has eliminated all of the cables and wires from the bike's design, making it as sleek and minimal as possible, and Quando Coaster brake hubs allow for fast, safe foot braking. I ordered the Siddhartha from Amazon in Chrome, in large (57cm), and am pretty happy with the purchase.The bike features KT coaster brake hubs, so you can coast and brake with your feet just like a beach cruiser. Fit, I'm 5'5" and the 49cm is perfect stand over height. I am 5'10", with longish arms and legs, and it fits me pretty well. It arrived wihtout directions, but it was mostly assembled, so you don't really need instructions to put on the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebars.Front and rear wheels come with 32 spokes, and are built with lightweight, 30-millimeter Deep-V rims for a comfortable ride. However, I wanted to have a more precise ride so more time was invested. very responsive, 700c wheels with tires that inflate to 100psi. However, the reach with the mustache bars feels a little cramped to me. The saddle has been replaced with a Brooks Saddle and the Goofy As Heck grips have been replaced with cork grips. It arrived in good shape, with no scratches or dings, and the wheels were pretty much in true.A resilient nylon rim tape and CST Super-HP tubes and tires (700x32c) are durable and smooth-rolling. Not a big deal because I was a bike mechanic and I've build hundreds of bikes and this one comes packaged like every other bike in the world. It is old school, which is a good thing because it is very simple to adjust. All in all this as a great bike designed for casual to fast urban riding. I really enjoy riding it, as it is relatively light for being hi-ten, and has a nice gear ratio that permits me to ride fairly fast around town, but I am still able to handle the few small hills nhear me out of the saddle without loosing much speed.

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All other original components and all Retrospec Bicycles brand repair parts, replacement parts, and accessories are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of (60) sixty days from the original date of purchase.

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