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Yes, I know, the fact that Rigg is Stirling's mother makes the resemblance unsurprising, but the facsimile remains disorientatingly flawless.

"It's those brown eyes, babe," says the actress when I mention it, but in fact it's the whole face; it would take only a bowler-hatted gent twirling an umbrella to complete the timewarp.

She created a video called "Birthday Swap with Beauty By Siena" on March 5, 2014.

Smokin' hot actress Rachel Sterling and her "Dancing with the Stars" Bf learned the hard way ...

"It's interesting that people point the finger at her for being the materialistic one, not Roger," says Stirling. "The relentless drive of the property market makes us either victims of it or complicit in it, or both at the same time." Stirling was born and raised in London, only vaguely aware of her mother's celebrity status – and of the way that fathers at her Earls Court primary school would look at "Ma", as she calls her.

The fact that she was Diana Rigg's daughter brought with it certain assumptions, such as that she knew what she was doing in front of camera.No, I didn't know my arse from my elbow." The viewing public were soon to know Stirling's arse from her elbow, however, when she played Nan Astley in the BBC's explicit 2002 adaptation of Sarah Waters' historical lesbian novel Tipping the Velvet, described by Andrew Davies, who wrote the adaptation, as "Pride and Prejudice with the dirty bits".The drama, which she now dubs "Dip My Velvet", made Stirling's name, but also, she says, made it hard for casting directors to take her seriously.He has now moved on with Rachael, the daughter of acting veteran Diana Rigg, and he admits the romance is getting serious. I’ve never been an Adonis and, at our age, we just get on with enjoying time together.

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Stirling plays Arabella Yount, the shopaholic wife of investment banker Roger (played by Toby Jones), whose pampered world starts unravelling when Roger doesn't receive the bumper annual bonus he had been expecting.

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