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Make sure your date knows ahead of time if you plan to get sweaty during your outing.Some people prefer to stay perspiration-free, especially in the early stages of a relationship. We have no shortage of hiking trails of varying difficulty levels.Enjoy the beauty of over 8,000 luminaria bags along the pathways, along with music, carolers, and holiday cocktails.We’re lucky to have a wide range of sports teams here in Phoenix, including numerous professional league teams.Apex Balloons, Rainbow Ryders, and Hot Air Expeditions are three companies offering hot air balloon rides in the Phoenix area.Schedule the flight at sunrise or sunset for an added touch of romance.Take your date to Dobbins Lookout on South Mountain. Pack a picnic, or hike back down to the bottom and head to your favorite restaurant.

Or plan a two-hour float down the Salt River on tubes with Salt River Tubing.The Ponderosa Livery Stable is one business in the area that offers guided trail rides in South Mountain Park.Take in the rock formations and ancient petroglyphs in the park.Since you’re sitting in your own car and not in a movie theater, you can carry on a conversation with your date without getting shushed by the crowd.The climate here in Phoenix means you’ll have plenty of active, outdoor date options year round.

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Don’t forget to have someone snap your photo together on your horses.