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Os map ireland online dating

The second edition were produced between 1853-1902. The first edition didn't include field boundaries hence the overlap with the second edition.

The third edition was to update boundaries in the wake of the settlement of the land issue in Ireland.

The viewer acts as a “one stop shop” discovery tool, as it provides access to heritage data along with contextual data from a very wide range of sources.

The user can create cross-disciplinary views from hundreds of datasets - crossing over administrative boundaries, subject boundaries, and the land-sea boundary.

All permissions to use and/or to access original datasets must be sought from the dataset creator and/or owner as outlined in the metadata.

The Map Viewer and associated infrastructure assists in meeting INSPIRE Directive obligations by providing a metadata service using the OGC CSW standard, and by loading data into the system the data is also available as a Web Service.

The 'Guide to Datasets in Heritage Maps' gives the folder layout & content arrangement of the main map-viewer.

If you tell me what county/counties you are looking for I can give you the date.

I have studied the first and third editions quite alot on and before they went online.

Partners have been strongly encouraged to enter metadata into the central national local authority metadata portal which in turn provides a feed into the national portal.

It is noteworthy that much of the project heritage data is not created under a statutory remit so may not be required under the INSPIRE Directive.

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The viewer offers a unique perspective, building up national coverage of heritage datasets from local authority sources as well as using existing national datasets.