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Older women video chat

These findings imply a ‘failure’, rather than a different approach to adopting and adapting all types of technology (Loe, 2010) by this demographic.

Technologies perpetuate ageism when the device functionality, design and marketing targets ‘digital natives’ (Prensky, 2001) exclusively.Researchers have overcome that limitation by examining the relative degrees of social presence in a wider array of communication tools, like instant messaging, email, voicemail and video-chat applications (Although no statistical data exist on the use of video communications by Canadians, a recent study shows that Americans have been watching, downloading and uploading videos at a steadily rising rate since 2007 (Purcell, 2010).The lack of research into how older citizens use video communications is likely due to the relatively recent emergence of the technology.Research is absent on how older citizens are using video communications that offer rich opportunities for social connection.Our case study focuses on how and why 16 citizens aged 55 and older in a small Canadian city are regularly using video communications, such as online video, video calls and videoconferencing.

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Social presence is the degree to which people feel they are with each other in a collaborative, virtual environment (see Biocca, Harms & Burgoon, 2003; Hartmann, 2008).

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