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Penny and her friends then go on a strike against their parents to demand a raise in their allowance.Until their demand is met, the children live outside, where they protest with signs while consuming bugs for nutrition.Penny, the last remaining striker, ultimately reaches an agreement with Oscar for a raise in her allowance.A rumor involving Penny and Myron (the school nerd) is spread.Penny is disappointed when her friends go to La Cienega's party instead.Myron and the Gross Sisters attend Penny's party, along with singer Lou Rawls, who is a friend of Suga Mama.

Oscar becomes upset when Be Be and Ce Ce start calling Felix their father.

it was eventually picked up by Disney Channel in 2001.

The show was created by Walt Disney Animation Studios animator Bruce W.

The children's strike is eventually broadcast on television news, but Oscar still declines to raise Penny's allowance.

Eventually, Penny's friends abandon the strike when they realize how difficult it is to be away from the comfort of their houses.

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Penny's grades fall victim to a longtime grudge held between her teacher Ms. Oscar and Trudy decide enroll the twins in a private pre-school, but change their minds at the last minute. Penny is given a credit card, leaving her to spend massively without her parents knowledge.

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