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create Instance(ILocal File); var process = Cc[";1"]. let prof Dir = Services.dirsvc.get("Cur Proc D", IFile); prof Dir.append("firefox.exe"); open Path(prof Dir, ["-no-remote", "-p"]); // Execute a new instace of Sea Monkey with profile selector. open Path("C:\Windows\notepad.exe"); // Execute KWrite in Linux.

create Instance(IProcess); var args = ["/k", "cd /d " " & title Custom Buttons & dir"]; local With Path(environment.get("Com Spec")); process.init(local File);, args, args.length);/** * Practical examples */ // Open Desktop directory on any platform // Option 1 open Path(OS. Path.desktop Dir); // Option 2 open Path(Services.dirsvc.get("Desk", IFile)); // Open Home directory on any platform // Option 1 open Path(OS. Dir); // Option 2 open Path(Services.dirsvc.get("Home", IFile)); // Execute a new instace of Firefox with profile selector. open Path("/usr/bin/kwrite"); // Open a Firefox profile called "default" in Linux.

Query Interface(IRes Protocol Handler); var uri = File URI(file); Substitution("rootc", uri); alert("resource:rootc") get Browser().selected Tab = get Browser()Tab("resource:rootc");var prgpath = "C:\windows\ping.exe"; // the path to the executable file, do not forget about the double slashes in the path var args = ['-n', '6', '']; // arguments are separated by a space. string -open "c:\program files\ololo\ololo.txt" will have arguments var args = ['-open','"c:\program', 'files\ololo\ololo.txt"']; var file = Cc[";1"].create Instance(ILocal File); With Path(prgpath); var process = Cc[";1"].create Instance(IProcess); process.init(file);, args, args.length);const ns IFile Picker = IFile Picker; var fp = Cc[";1"].create Instance(ns IFile Picker); fp.init(window, "Select any file!

", ns IFile Open); fp.append Filters(ns IFile Picker.filter All | ns IFile Picker.filter Text); var rv =; if (rv == ns IFile Picker.return OK

(uid in window)) // comment in the next line to re-execute // delete window[uid];/*Code*/ if (typeof(inspect DOMDocument) == "undefined") function run Inspector(node) run Inspector(document); run Inspector(content.document); run Inspector(Elements By Tag Name("toolbar")[0]); run Inspector(Element By Id("custombuttons-button0")); run Inspector(navigator); run Inspector(Cc[";1"]. * 2- Every time you make a change to this stylesheet and save the button, the * stylesheet will be "re-registered" and show the changes immediately.this.ondrop = function (a Evt) ;/*Code*/ // close window alerts "option c" var box = custombuttons.confirm Box3("title", "description", "option a", "option c", "option b"); if (box == 0) alert("option a"); if (box == 1) alert("option c"); if (box == 2) alert("option b");/*Code*/ // close window or click no alerts "option a,true,option b,true,option c,true" var arr = new Array(); arr[0] = ["option a", true]; arr[1] = ["option b", true]; arr[2] = ["option c", true]; var dialog = custombuttons.checkbox Dialog(this, arr, "title", "group", "header", "description", "yes", "no", "help", "help message", "disclosure", "disclosure message"); if (dialog) else /*Code*/ // close window or click no alerts "option a,true,option b,false,option c,false" var arr = new Array(); arr[0] = ["option a", true]; arr[1] = ["option b", false]; arr[2] = ["option c", false]; var dialog = custombuttons.radiobox Dialog(this, arr, "title", "group", "header", "description", "yes", "no", "help", "help message", "disclosure", "disclosure message"); if (dialog) else /*Code*/ var local File = Cc[";1"].create Instance(ILocal File); var process = Cc[";1"].Attribute("ondragover", "And Drop Handler.handle Event(event);"); Attribute("ondrop", "And Drop Handler.handle Event(event);");/*Initialization code*/ // The "drop" event will not trigger if the "dragover" event is not declared.this.ondragover = function (a Evt) ; // This will log to the console all data types found in the droped data.

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Help.replace(/_this_id_/gm,; this.append Child($XML(menu)); // This appends the menu itself to the button.