Dating tips flowers

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“Also, if you’re in a long-term relationship they’re a fun flower to send for Valentine’s Day, without all the pressure.” Match With: Dianthus (meaning admiration) and orange roses (enthusiasm) for a sweet and thoughtful – and not too forward – bouquet.

At First Sight: Exactly like your red variety, but lavender. What They Say: Enchantment and love at first sight.

Who To Buy For: A new girlfriend or someone you’re trying to show you’re interested.

Florist’s Opinion: “They are perfect for a young relationship or trying to get out of the ‘friend-zone’,” says Alfred.

Who To Buy For: A wicked temptress and outrageous flirt.

For a lady who always keeps you on your toes – whether that’s a long-term partner or devilishly saucy colleague who’s been making eyes across the office.

Are you the sort of guy who, come Valentine’s Day, finds himself utterly dumbfounded in the florists because all flowers look the same to you?

Florist’s Opinion: “A red rose is a classic expression of love,” says Alfred Palomares, floral expert from 1-800

At First Sight: A blousy, grand looking flower – like a wedding dress turned upside down.

And don’t think those wedding associations will go unnoticed, either. Who To Buy For: No messing around with flings or friends with benefits, these are for “the one”.

Florist’s Opinion: “Irises usually arrive in bud form,” says Alfred.

“Blooming over time, it’s a good flower to say ‘I’m sorry’…

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“The flower itself means desire, and sometimes, it’s a desire to be forgiven…” Match In A Bouquet With: They make a bold romantic gesture on their own.