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Social work needs to define a clear vision going forward; it needs to define career trajectories for young social workers in marketable projects; and it needs to engage in societal tasks that contribute to better health, wellbeing, and equity. As Social Workers, we carry many individuals and families through the traumas of life.

It is often our own history that propels us so powerfully into this work because we have personal insights and experiences with a broken system.Carl Jung once said, “The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected.Only the In the spring of 2016, OSI-Baltimore began a project that aimed to gather feedback from Baltimore residents on the policy solutions they wanted to see the new leadership (who would be elected in November) focus on.Changes of this magnitude can be expected to reverberate throughout the field for most of the coming decade.Within this context, the Grand Challenges offer an exceptionally important narrative for social work management going forward.

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