Consolidating morte loans

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Consolidating morte loans

Furthermore, a widespread darkening of glacier surfaces during recent decades justifies the increasing importance and need of actual glacier albedo data.Glacier darkening was, for example, reported for the European Alps [10], the Himalayas [11], and on the Greenland ice sheet and surrounding glaciers [1,12], and related processes are studied in great detail [13].

Hence, current glacier mass balance models rely mostly on simplified homogeneous ice albedo parameters in their energy balance functions, neglecting the diversity of glacier surfaces and their changes over time [9].Since both formulae were established for Landsat 5 and 7, ensuring data continuity with new Landsat 8 or Sentinel-2 data, using these approaches of data requires critical judgement and likely some adjustments.Imaging spectroscopy provides a quasi-continuous spectral and high spatial sampling that is optimal to improve the knowledge of processes acting at the ice-atmosphere interface and to derive glacier surface albedo [31].[29] is frequently used in glaciological studies (e.g., [20,21,22]).An alternative approach by Liang [30] was never validated for snow and ice surfaces.

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Moreover, the impact of the anisotropy correction is analysed depending on different surface types.

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