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If github plans to evolve into a full-featured ALM[2] like MS Team Foundation or JIRA instead of being relegated to being just a "dumb" disk backup node for repositories, they have to get these UI workflow issues fixed.[1][2] And, from a Git Hub business perspective, why do I hear Lily Tomlin: "We don't care.

Distributed revision control users whining about centralized repository lacking features. We don't have to."Everybody anointed Git Hub as "the chosen one" over strenuous objections from some of us that creating another monopoly for open source projects is a bad idea.

The bullet points of complaints feel like a continuation of Linus Torvald's refusal of github pull requests in May 2012.[1]Taken all together, it seems like github is on a path of alienating their most valuable members.

Github was unresponsive to Linus' feature requests and it turns out that theme continues almost 3 years later.

It's used by LLVM, Free BSD, Blender, Wikimedia and others and I love it.If issue tracking and code reviews were based on a common, distributed system like git itself, then all these companies could compete evenly for features and UX on top of such a system, without ever having the advantage of "locking in" its users with extremely high migration costs.I do not operate a popular OSS project, but I have experienced the 1 spam and it sucks. Interesting side note: With the exception of Selenium, most of signees are maintainers of JS/HTML OSS projects.Wed like issues to gain custom fields, along with a mechanism (such as a mandatory issue template, perhaps powered by a in root as a likely-simple solution) for ensuring they are filled out in every issue.Every checkbox, text-field and dropdown you add to a page adds cognitive overhead to the process and Git Hub has historically taken a pretty solid stance against this.

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What if these problems aren't representative of the overall user base?