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Don't see it worth the investment for me.https://com/Laptops/K52JC/Help Desk_BIOS/and did you use the ASUS utility/method of performing the update?

I've done plenty of ASUS BIOS updates and they've always allowed me to make a backup file to undo the changes if things don't do well. Of course you do not reinstall W7 first and do the BIOS update later as it's possible for the OS reject the changes it thinks it sees to the hardware.

In this case, instead, the Bios doesn't load at all. Simply had to find myself an official ISO and activate it with my W7 official activation key.

Bios was flashed and updated within the bios itself.

It also removes a lot of the bloatware, especially cutting down on the plethora of duplicate applications that were installed.Tried to start it again today without battery, but nothing has changed. I've done everything I knew; is there any other help/procedure anyone could provide me?Otherwise, as far as I know, this would require to change motherboard.This is why on most systems we want full backups or factory recovery media. Laptop has its own W7 Home Premium activation key just in the bottom. The HDD RAW data corruption destroyed the ASUS restore/recover partition and data, so it wasn't possible to factory restore with the in-build utility.But then again, since W10 I haven't had to insist on factory media. Laptop has run adequately fine for 8 years with W7. The Bios driver itself doesn't require any particular OS, and the supposed OS conflict would get past the Bios anyways. W7 official download doesn't let you download the iso with pre-installed keys, need to contact manifacturer.

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I heard there are some "Zombie modes" to start your Bios on HP laptops, with a specific sequence of commands; but I've yet to find any solution to my issue for the ASUS laptop. Laptop is still stuck on the same boot loop with interwals powering on/off and 1 to 3 lights coimng and going. There are companies that sell replacement chips but I worry about the cost and you getting it done.

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