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In either case it would be better to use a Dictionary keyed by APIKey for the users and Hash Sets for the user's roles.

If your roles are limited you might even want to use enums (flags) and just do a bitwise check. Also you may refer to Dominick Baier's blog post series on ASP.

So, this blog post will stay as it is but I don't want to give the wrong impression as well.

As the framework is now more mature, my thoughts on authentication and authorization is shaped better. So, the principal that you have supplided inside your message handler will be checked against.

With one of those two ways, we can verify the user according to API Key supplied.

Honestly, I am not sure which one would be the best option. For the purpose of this post, what we are interested in is Api Key Auth Attribute class and IApi Key Authorizer interface.

So, that might seem better if you would like your whole app to be API key verified. Http and it is a prerelease package for now: This package contains other stuff related to ASP. You can check out the source code on APISamples/tree/master/Tugberk Ug. Unlike the first one, the second method takes two parameters: API key as string and roles as array of string.

I have created an API key verification filter and I tried to make it generic so that it can be applied for all different verification scenarios. First of all, go get the bits and pieces through Nuget. This one will be invoked if you try to verify the request based on API key and roles. Http Action Context as parameter to these methods but I didn’t. Api Key Auth Attribute has only one constructor and takes two parameters: api Key Query Parameter as string for the query string parameter name which will carry the API key and api Key Authorizer Type as Type which is the type of Api Key Authorizer which implements IApi Key Authorizer interface.

I have another package named Web APIDoodle which has the same funtionality as here.User should be able to reset their API key whenever they want and by doing that, old key must gets invalid.As much as this part of the process is important, how you very them on your application is another issue. NET Web API, it is pretty easy to intercept a request and change the behavior of that request in any level.Question - if I want to require a public & private key, as well as a list of permissions (rather than Roles), how would I modify the `Api Key Auth Attribute` class?(since your declaration seems to assume some auto-wiring). After reviewing your source code ( APISamples/blob/master/Tugberk...), I think you just posted the "shorthand" version of your method here, right?

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If not, then we will handle the unauthorized request in a specific way. I am not sure these two parameters enough to see if the request is legitimate or not. You need to simply override the Handle Unauthorized Request method and implement your own logic.

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